Recent Building Ordinances

Recent Ordinances Passed Related to Construction
The city ordinances below have been recently passed.  If you have any questions about these or other ordinances, please contact the Building Development department at city hall.

To view all city ordinances you may follow this link:  City Code Book 

2013-04, Ordinance related to Billboards
This ordinance places a temporary moratorium on the erection of billboards.

2013-20, Ordinance related to Fence Construction
This ordinance sets the regulations for constructing fences in the city limits.  All fence construction or alteration requires a permit.

2013-07, Ordinance related to Carport Construction
This ordinance sets the regulations for erecting or construction of carports within the city limits of Sallisaw

2013-10, Ordinance related to sewage disposal of Fats, Oils and Grease (FOG).   This ordinance applies to all facilities that generate FOG, waste oil, grease, grit or other products from automotive repair and washing, who are connected to the city's sanitary sewer collection system.  This also includes transporters of wastes which must comply with all local, state and federal regulations.