1. Administration

    Find information on the City Manager, City Clerk, Human Resources, and other City Hall staff.

  2. Airport

    View information on the Sallisaw Municipal Airport, including contact information.

  3. Animal Shelter

    View information for pet owners, including licensing, adoptions, and animal control.

  4. Building Development

    Browse information for people looking to build in Sallisaw, including information on codes and inspections.

  5. Cemetery

    View cemetery regulations and registers.

  6. Customer Service

    Look through helpful information on establishing and terminating utilities in Sallisaw.

  7. Economic Development

    Find information on the City and inquire about relocating or building new businesses or manufacturing facilities.

  8. Electric

    See information on the electric utility for Sallisaw.

  9. Finance

    Browse budgets, taxes, financial statements, and purchasing information for Sallisaw.

  10. Fire Department

    Learn more about firefighting and fire safety in Sallisaw.

  11. Library

    Find information for library patrons, including card information and other services.

  12. Municipal Court

    Find information on Municipal Court dates and paying fines.

  13. Parks

    Look through park facilities and programs in Sallisaw.

  14. Police Department

    Learn more about the Sallisaw Police Department, including their divisions and community programs.

  15. Sanitation / Landfill

    View rates and services provided by the Sanitation Department and the Sallisaw Municipal Landfill.

  16. Telecommunications

    View more information on telecommunications services in Sallisaw.

  17. Water Treatment

    View more information about the water treatment process in Sallisaw