1. Customer Service

    Browse information on establishing and terminating utility services.

  2. Electric

    Find information about electricity services in Sallisaw.

  3. Fall Cleanup

    Fall Cleanup

  4. Fire Department

    Look through information on firefighting in Sallisaw as well as fire prevention and safety information.

  5. Garage Sale Permit Application

    Garage Sale Permit Application

  6. Human Resources

    Find helpful information for City of Sallisaw employees.

  7. Master Fee Schedule

    Master Fee Schedule

  8. Police Department

    See more about the Police Department in Sallisaw.

  9. Sanitation & Landfill

    View more on the Sallisaw Municipal Landfill and other sanitation services.

  10. Telecommunications

    View more information on telecommunications systems in Sallisaw.

  11. Utility Line Locate

    Utility Line Locate

  12. Utility Rates

    See rate information for City utilities.