City Resident No Charge Use of Landfill

Landfill Use Policy

City residential customers will be allowed two (2) no charge disposal dumps per month on any day during normal business hours.  For disposal, city residents must present
  • A valid Oklahoma driver's license showing the place of residence as a location within the city limits of Sallisaw.
  • An original copy of the most recent utility bill in the customer's name with the same service address as shown on their Oklahoma's drivers license. 
All loads must fit inside a normal 1/2 ton pickup bed with no side rails (typically 5' x 8' x 4' in height).  Trailers up to 16' with side rails up to 4' will be allowed to dump as well.

No dump trucks will be allowed to utilize the free dump program.  Vehicles that display logos of businesses will not be allowed to utilize the no charge program.

All loads must originate from the customer's primary residence.

Waste from charities, churches, schools or other non-profit organizations may be accepted if approved by the Landfill Supervisor in advance.

Types of Refuse Accepted:
City residential customers may dispose of
  • Normal household type waste coming from the customer's residence.
  • Yard debris such as leaves, dirt and grass clippings.
  • Brush
  • Demolition items only if it originated from the customer's residence and fits within the required dimensions of the truck/trailer.